Looking for a method that allows you to transcribe all type of documents? Or are you looking a system that transcribes your interviews, meetings, or courses into written notes?
The transcription can be a labor-intense and time-spending process. To make this task easier, here are some suggestions and programs that could support you during the transcription process.

There are several programs and services support workers and students during the process of transcription from voice to text.
The choice between one transcription method and the other will mainly depend on the accuracy needed, on the urgency and on the available budget.

Human Transcriptions

Human transcriptions are more accurate compared to automatic software; they provide higher quality. However, for this kind of services is necessary to a higher budget and more time.
Other advantages of the human services are:

Some of the best human transcription services are: GMR Transcriptions, REV, Scribie and GoTranscript.

The rates of a human transcription can vary from the quality of the audio file and the number of speakers, the prices start around 1.25$ per audio minute.

Automatic Transcriptions

Automatic transcriptions are generally less accurate than the human transcription, but they guarantee a real-time result, and these services are cheaper than other services.

Several systems allow this kind of automatic transcription:

This are just a few of the options that you could choose to transcribe your documents. You can choose the transcription process that is the most adapt for your work and budget.

Remember: one method it doesn’t exclude the other, you could also choose to have a mixed approach between human and automatic transcription.