Medical Transcription Services.

Specialist Audio Medical Transcription Services for your medical report dictation.

The Outsource Dictation medical typing and audio medical transcription service provides you with guaranteed accuracy and our medical transcribers are used to dealing with medical terminology and medical report layouts.
We have a team of transcriptionists that is experienced with all levels of work and specialties able to deliver medical transcription services with guaranteed quality. The experience of this team is augmented by the expertise of a quality control team that has a collective experience of over 40 years. We offer you the flexibility of fully outsourcing your audio medical transcription work or just your overflow work.


We are familiar with all report types with turnaround established at the industry standard. Average turnaround for reports are shown below:


Discharge Summary – 48 hours
Progress Notes – 24 hours
Clinical Services – 24 hours
History and Physical – 12 hours
Operative Report – 12 hours
Emergency Room Report – 12 hours
Stat Report – 3 hours


Outsource Dictation gives you the best service you will find anywhere. Let us prove it to you – take up our offer of a free no obligation trial of our audio medical transcription services.

Flexible digital medical transcription service

The Outsource Dictation legal typing service is completely flexible with no contract tie-in, no minimum usage, and no joining fee.

Use the Outsource Dictation service to cope with overflow work and save money on temps.

Pay As You Go

Pay as you go billing means you can do as much or as little dictation as you like. Outsource Dictation is ideal for permanent typing and for medical transcription services to cover for holidays and sickness.

No contract tie-in just use our service when you want it. Ideal for overflow typing, holiday and sickness cover as well as for permanent flexible typing support.

The best customer service

You will not find a better medical transcription service anywhere. We will give you friendly support and guidance to help get you started without any fuss. You will be given a direct dial telephone number and a direct email address with direct access to an expert. No worries about receptionists and call centres!


Our customer service really is proper service. We will take you through the whole process step by step. Our service is really easy to use but we will make sure you are absolutely happy. Our unbeatable customer service comes at no extra charge.

Competitive rates

We charge per character typed with our medical transcription services, which means you only pay for words typed – not for slow typists. It’s simple, straight-forward and transparent. If you have standard copying typing from documents then we can provide you with a reduced rate. For digital transcription we have a standard service and for urgent typing an express service. We think our rates are the most attractive you will find for guaranteed quality typing.

Fast expert transcribers

Fully trained and skilled transcribers get your dictation back faster without mistakes. We use experienced professional typists. If you send us repeat work then our transcribers will get used to your voice and dictation style meaning our guaranteed service standard will be easily exceeded. Our standard service standard is out by 6pm and back by 1pm the following day. For urgent typing ask us about our express medical transcription services.

Guaranteed accuracy

Guaranteed transcription standard of better than 98.5% accuracy, so you spend less time checking. Our expert transcribers ensure top quality medical transcription. right from the start you can expect a quality standard better than you will get from the average temporary typist and for repeat business our typists will match the quality of permanent members of staff. Remember Outsource Dictation guarantees the quality of its digital transcription so contact us now for a guaranteed quality digital medical audio transcription service

"Thank you for the transcript. I am really delighted. It is excellent"

John Taylor CEO

Specialist medical transcribers

Our expert transcribers are very experienced in legal and medical transcription and are familiar with the specialist language used in legal and medical dictation. Outsource Dictation will type to your layouts and house style. Let us have your templates and our typing will be identical to typing you produce in-house so that returned documents are ready to print off and sign.

We can type legal and medical forms. If you can type it then so can Outsource Dictation. There is no additional charge for specialist legal and medical transcribers or for templates and forms.

"Outsource dictation offer an excellent service for our practice. Reliable, rapid, and good value. Their personal attention to our individual needs has always been a particularly nice touch, and sets them apart from their competitors."

Periodontist, Dublin, Ireland

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